Jesus Freaks On Grass

by Tim Vitek



Tim Vitek is back with his first full length album for Grid Based Beats. “Jesus Freaks On Grass” showcases 9 new techno compositions created heavily in the modular environment and designed to be listened to in its entirety.

The album is a story told through sound and as Bobby Dowell (aka Pinion) stated, “Seems hard to find artists who use modular well. This album is different. I enjoyed listening to every one of these tracks. They all seem to keep the same relative tone but all sit in their own unique spaces. Damn good work.”

From the jackin' drones in 'Retroflexion One' to the modulating bass line in the title track, 'Jesus Freaks On Grass,' this is an album that pushes techno in a forward direction.

Review by Roman Zawodny - UKR:

Tim Vitek, hailing from Chicago''s ominous techno sector brings heat with this nine track voyage into techno's deepest corners. Starting off with the The Beginning Of The End, Vitek launches us directly into a realm of synth darkness with hints of effervescent light filtering into the cold land of the future. Yet to be explored, this new land brings us hope for a new dawn as the leaders of the techno resistance fight for autonomy.

Marching forth with toms of war the percussive action is fluid and sets the tone for the uprising. Bringing drones into action with his second track Retroflexion One, the throbbing side-chaining synths and relentless drive forward add momentum to the release heading deeper in the void.

We suddenly hit Jesus Freaks On Grass, a twisted analog show of force as Tim establishes a confrontational and intimidating line against incoming forces that are not seen yet but felt approaching in the distance. With the attack imminent Vitek unleashes Pressure Of Awareness, a pumping, jacking affair with ethereal shades of color and light that capture the listener's imagination as 16th note synth stabs offer emotive glimpses of how things could transpire. There is an air of uncertainty and premonitions of change on the front lines.

With absolutely no hesitation That Dirty Muff hits hard enforcing Tim's relentless push for dominance, delivering a warehouse heater with bass that shakes things to the core. Vitek is not afraid to bring out the big guns and does just that with weapon after weapon.

The apex of this forward thinking and monumental voyage arrives as the impeccably produced Land Of The Trees overwhelms the senses, capturing the essence of energy and life itself. Acid overtones that feed the soul just take the listener higher and higher and higher. Goosebumps for all who came this far into unknown, to now feel secure, warm and destined for safe passage through the depths of intergalactic space. Tim Vitek, now in complete control allows us the chance to breathe easy as we jack to an old-school robotic track titled Simple Times as if things are absolutely light and there isn't a worry in the world...but this mood soon changes.

A storm approaches and forces of darkness converge with an attack from the farthest reaches of the mind. Ways Of Making arrives, bringing with it a mental, jacking, tribal, atonal affair that is sure fire heat destined to send the dance floor into a frenzy. This one's dangerous and shows Vitek's ingenious battle tactics. As the fight draws to a close for dominance in these far stretches of the abyss Tim Vitek brings his forces back to light with a taste of what might follow in the next campaign, The Soft End, leaves the listener intrigued and eager for another mission into the future of techno.

Music IS Grid Based Beats.


released March 31, 2016

Written and Produced by Tim Vitek.
Mastered by Tim Vitek.
Artwork by Tim Vitek.

© 2016 Grid Based Beats, LLC All Rights Reserved.
℗ 2016 Grid Based Beats, LLC All Rights Reserved.



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